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UNINETTUNO International Telematic University is a renowned online higher education institution structured in five faculties: Engineering, Economics and Law, Cultural Heritage, Psychology and Communication Sciences. It provides open and flexible higher education, postgraduate and master's programmes in six languages (Italian, English, French, Arabic, Greek and Polish) to 15,000 students from 170 different countries. It was founded in 1985 and its headquarters are in Rome, Italy.

The keys to UNINETTUNO's success are an innovative teaching methodology and a unique e-learning platform: through this knowledge network teachers and students, located anywhere in the world, produce, distribute and receive educational content via the Internet, with no space or time limits. Furthermore, UNINETTUNO offers vocational courses and up to 220 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses, online courses accessible to all and free of charge), thus representing one of the largest MOOC providers in Europe.

ISQe is a Digital Learning Experience pioneer in Portugal. It has successfully implemented hundreds of projects and trained more than 1,000,000 learners in 11 countries, since 1996.

It specializes in the development of interactive media resources and the provision of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. The company also focuses on Research and Development and innovation activities (R&Di) in the education and training sector, participating in national and international projects, aiming at continuous products and process innovation.

ISQe has three core business areas:
- Talent Management System: Responsible for the implementation and management of a unified cloud platform to recruit, develop and manage people.
- Software Development: Responsible for custom software development and implementation of applications that allow to follow the digital transformation.
- Digital Learning Experience: Responsible for the design and development of digital learning experiences, supported by innovative pedagogical contents.

Placemaking Western Balkans is a non-profit NGO for the promotion and implementation of good public space design. We help communities, developers and urban authorities to come up with inspiring, dependable visions and solutions for public space renewal, by combining local and European placemaking knowledge, methods and tools.

Our team of architects, web developers and urbanists work on independent research, non-profit design consulting, and educational labs from the offices in Belgrade and Rotterdam. The team brings innovative placemaking approaches to Erasmus +, Creative Europe, Interreg and locally funded projects. We support New European Bauhaus asofficial NEB Partners, and actively lead the formation of the placemaking knowledge networks in the Balkans and beyond.

Citizens In Power (CIP) is an independent non-profit, non-governmental organization from Cyprus that addresses the needs and demands of people through their involvement in social and civic life, by simultaneously providing them innovative material and free trainings related with a variety of fields, such as education (including on-line education), inclusion, entrepreneurship and business, culture, labour market and lifelong learning.

CIP mainly aims at the development of education, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning in Cyprus and abroad. To achieve these targets CIP has an ongoing collaboration with the leading universities, schools, NGOs and research organizations in Cyprus for the development of projects, trainings and educational material. CIP retains a valuable network of professional trainers and educational experts experienced in both formal and non-formal education.

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini is a network of change-makers. Our mission is to create real social impact and positive socio-economic progress across nations and cities. Empowered by a strong 50-year history and an unwavering belief in human potential, we strive to transform ideas into policy that paves the way towards better living for all.

To do this, we publish research and content with an aim to inform policy across Italy and Europe. We build programs for stakeholders, businesses, entrepreneurs and students to advance their ideas for innovation and progress. We bring our political, economic and social expertise to support institutions in their vision for development. And through it all, we are committed to starting new conversations about what it means to live inclusively in these challenging times.

In 2009, FGB launched the online magazine, inGenere, the first of its kind in Italy, dealing with the issues of gender equality from an economic and sociological perspective. To enforce gender equality and support gender mainstreaming in the public and private sectors, FGB has designed a Master Course in Gender Equality and Diversity Management, this year in its 12th edition since its launch in 2012, which is taught by diversity management, inclusion, and gender experts.

HELIXCONNECT EUROPE (HELIXCONNECT) emerged in 2020 (stemming from decentralized work from 2018) as a need for a better hands-on approach to facilitating innovation, helping organizations grow and enabling a proper integration among innovators, NGOs, industry, and government.

Our vision is to bridge global innovation systems and enable global knowledge and technology transfer in Eastern Europe and Western Balkans. With the up-rise of modern technologies and organizational performance frameworks, massive shifts and business model innovations are required in order to transform organizations to stay competitive while ensuring that they reach their intended impact in a fair and responsible manner. HELIXCONNECT has 4 main departments:

  • Triple Helix Romania (knowledge and technology transfer via a triple/quadruple helix approach)
  • Center for Digital Transformation (toolkits for digital transformation of higher education)
  • Balkan Science Tellers (toolkits for citizen science and science communication)
  • Bauhaus & Inclusive Cities (toolkits for participatory engagement in sustainable and inclusive urban development)
  • Ecosystem Integration Lab